Department activities 2018 - 2019



   Activities of the Energy Sustainability Rationalization Committee


Following the directions of the ministry of  Higher Education and Scientific Research and the presidency of the university instructions on Energy rationing Sustainability,  the head of the department supervised  the Energy Sustainability and rationing  Committee headed by Dr. Younis Mahmud  following  a number of procurers  and awareness activities regarding energy sustainability and rationalization sector, including:

  • A scientific visit to the Renewable Energy Center at Baghdad International Fair.
  • The implication of (aspects of energy rationalization) and (energy efficient buildings) in the architecture and climatic environment syllabus of the third stage, the urban climatic environment in the fourth stage syllabus, and climatic environment design for post graduate studies syllabus / master  in both architecture technology and architectural design sections.


  • Designing of about 100 posters on energy rationalization by third stage, students in the architectural design subject, in addition to the students of the second stage in presentation subject. The department participated in a number of these posters in the exhibition held by the university energy rationalization committee in the theater hall at the University of Technology on 21/5/2019.

These activities were the implementation procedures for the recommendations made at the meetings of the energy sustainability and the rationalization committee at the university of technology for the purpose of discussing (implementation plan of national media strategies for energy rationalization in coordination with the Iraqi universities), which was presented by the Ministry of Electricity since 2016.




















   Architectural Engineering Department Granted  advanced Ranks in sports

 Within the student annual curriculum of the sport activities unit  in the individual and teaming games for the academic year 2018/2019, the department has advanced ranks as shown in the table below:



 A Workshop Titled “The  Role Of Engineering Services Designs In The Integration Of Building Designs And Their Functional Requirements”

 The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology held a workshop titled  “The  Role Of Engineering Services Designs  In The Integration Of Building Designs And Their Functional Requirements”

The workshop included several lectures:


The First Lecture Titled: “The  Role Of Constructional  Designs in the Integration of Functional Building Designs”

Delivered by Dr. Eyad Kadhim Saihud


The second lecture: The Role of Electrical Designs In The Integration Of Functional Buildings Designs  Delivered by Dr. Rashid Hamid Al-Rubaie


The third lecture: The Role Of Mechanical Designs In The Integration Of The Of Functional Buildings Designs delivered by Dr. Hassanein Mohammed Hussein


The Fourth Lecture: The Role of Architectural Details in the Integration of Engineering Designs delivered by Dr. Saffa Aldin Husein.



 scientific lecture titled” Culture of Building With Thermostone  “

The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology in cooperation with Al-Rafidain University College ,held a scientific lecture titled” Culture of Building With Thermostone  “.The lecture delivered by Dr.Miqdad Haidar Al-Jawadi, the head of civil engineering at the University of Rafidain University College  .

The  main aspect of the lecture is :

- Efficiency of energy conservation and heat exchange

- Water absorption efficiency

- Compression efficiency

- Perpetuity  and  duration of building

- Comparison between bricks and thermostone

The scientific lecture was attended by a number of the second stage students, the head of the department and the scientific and administrative assistants

In the conclusion, the head of the department presented a letter of thankfulness  and appreciation to Professor Miqdad Al-Jawadi for his valuable efforts within  this field.



 E -Learning Seminar

The Department of Architecture has organized a scientific symposium titled "Setting up the electronic forum by adopting the Google Classroom system”. This system is considered as one of the insurance and reliability tools for the national classification in engineering standards. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Uday Ali from the Department of Electrical Engineering .Dr.Ali (PhD. in building and sustaining capacities in renewable energies-UK) is responsible for applying the above system in all departments of the University of Technology.
the seminar was supervised by Dr. Safaa Abdul Hussain, head of the e-Learning Committee in the Department, and Mr. Mohammed Abdul Kari, responsible for following up the implementation and training of the Google Classroom system in the department.
The seminar was attended by the Head of Architecture Department. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim, Scientific Assistant Dr. Abdullah Saadoon Salman, Administrative Assistant Dr. Mahdi Faraj Saleh and a group of graduate and undergraduate students .
At the conclusion of the symposium, the head of the department delivered a speech in which he referred to the importance of implementing the electronic classroom project using the Google Classroom system, explaining its importance as one of the main steps in granting the international reliability as the system is one of the requirements of the national classification of this engineering standards. The head of the department praised all efforts and wish all of the progress and success in serving our beloved Iraq.





   Scientific visit to  (Al-Bab al - Wastani ) Site

The Department of Architecture organized a scientific visit to Al-Bab Al-Wastani site at Al- Rusafa district. The visit was attended by faculty members and first stage students. The visit considered as a part of the requirements of the cafeteria project to serve the visitors of this   archaeological site as one of ancient Baghdad's old main gates and the only remaining ones








 Scientific Visit to the Martyr Monument

The faculty staff of the architectural design (first stage) organized a scientific visit to the Museum and Martyr monument in Baghdad. The preference of the monument comes to its proximity to the subject of human level in architecture study. This visit represents a unique experience of modesty of human being within the  internal and external spaces, which the student does not experience  in the usual residential and educational spaces, a matter that enhance the design effort of the monument  aiming at reflecting  its  sense of prestige and greatness





 Scientific Visit To The Residential City Of Basmaya

 Faculty staff of architectural design headed by Prof.Dr. Sana Sati , Dr. Rwa Fawzi Naoum, Dr. Mofid Ihsan Al-Shawk, Dr. Nada Abdul-Muin , Assistant lect. Ban Jalil , Dr. Sherine Kamil, Assitant lect.Nada Khalil as members , in addition to the fourth stage student ,visited the residential city of Basmaya to view the procedures of designing a huge residential units in addition to designing a small residential units, the tour aiming at enhancing the theoretical knowledge of the students by linking this knowledge to the practical application in the design field .


 A Seminar Titled “International Standards In Hospital Designs” Held At The Department Of Architecture

 The Department of Architecture held  a seminar titled “international standards in hospital design” in which Dr.Majid Hadi from United Kingdom visited  the department and delivered  a lecture concerning  the international standards in the design of hospitals, including  his  practical experience in this field. The main goal of this seminar is to improve the knowledge of students, especially the students of the third stage preparing a hospital design project .



  A Seminar held at the Department of Architecture (Definition and Qualification) of the International accreditation tests of Autodesk & Adobe companies . 

The seminar was held at the Department of Architecture / University of Technology in cooperation with Al-Kholani Cultural Public Benefit Foundation .

The head of the department gave a speech  which broadcasting online welcoming the guests and the participants .within his speech, he referred to the importance of Certification Accreditation Service in using the programs of the Department of Architecture and University  of Technology in the global universities, according to the directions of the ministry of higher education and scientific research and the presidency of university of technology.

The representative of the Al-Khalani Foundation spoke about the activities of the Foundation and its support for youth talents including the university students and employees. It is to be mentioned the previous  cooperation praised by His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Assist.lecturer Ali Hussein Al-Kahachi, one of the department's lecturer and a certified instructor by Auto Desk and Adobe, presented his lecture entitled "(Definition and Qualification) of the International accreditation tests of Autodesk & Adobe companies "


Dr. Bashar Shamil Al-Khafaji, one of the department's lecturers and a professional in Adobe programs, gave his lecture entitled "Introducing and Preparing for International Reliability Certificates in Engineering Programs and Auto Desk"


The symposium was broadcast for the first time live on the Internet is praised by University of Technology president.




 Workshop Titled “Design Process Specialty in symbolic functional Patterns”

Department of architectural engineering (third stage) held a workshop titled “Design Process Specialty  In symbolic   functional Patterns” with  the presence of the scientific assistant, Dr. Abdulla Saadon Al-Mamouri, under the supervision of Dr. Zeinab Hussein Raouf, held the workshop included a lecture entitled " Symbolism Strategy in The Design Process) delivered by Dr.Abdul Ali Hamza  in addition to another lecture entitled "Designing the Thinking Process" delivered by Dr. Ammar Saleh Ashour.

The workshop included a practical aspect through the discussion and development of the design ideas relating the project of the academic stage titled (Iraqi Military Museum) according to submission of the theoretical knowledge.




 "A workshop titled “Iraqi architecture towards global approaches: Reading   in the Product of Architecture Dr. Louai Al-Jubouri as a Model.

Proceeding the importance of enhancing the role of universities in the exchange of knowledge and in cooperation with the Department of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Nizwa - Sultanate of Oman, the Department of Architecture with the presence of the Head of the Department, Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim and the scientific assistant ,Dr. Abdullah Saadon Al Mamouri held a workshop entitled “Iraqi Architecture and Globalization “Reading   in the Product of Architecture Dr. Louai Al-Jubouri as  a model.

The workshop included a lecture on how to design the residential house in Sultanate of Oman in addition to the characteristics of the good design of the residential house, which promotes the architectural taste. Another lecture was delivered by Dr. Louai Al-Jubouri on heritage and modernity and the work of architecture between these dualisms. The workshop included an applicable aspect through the discussion of the projects designed by Dr. Louay Al-Jubouri.

The workshop was explained by Dr. Louai Al-Jubouri to the students of the Department of Architecture in order to enhance and develop their design capabilities and develop the awareness towards understanding the design process.



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