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  1. The Iraqi Journal for Architectural Eng. is a scientific journal published on quarterly bases by the Department of Architectural Engineering at University of Technology in Baghdad.
  2.    The Journal is concerned with publishing scientific papers in the field of Architecture and planning as well as publishing translations of some papers from around the world. Also, it could publish feedback and reviews of papers worldwide as well as a limited number of conference papers. However, for the latter case, the conference should be held no more than a year ago and the paper should be no more than 1000 words in length.
  3. It is essential in research to be published in the journal to:

3.1.   Not published or submitted for publishing to another publisher. The researcher should confirm that in writing when submitting his/her research.

3.2.   Papers will be presented to a jury of peers of high academic skills to decide the suitability of the research for publishing. The research should be marked “worthy” to be accepted.

3.3.   Research  that would have done by  many participants  ( three for each research) will not be accepted.

3.4.   The subject of the research should be directly linked to architecture.

3.5.   Papers are published in both Arabic and English after approval. If the research in one of the two languages only, an abstract of no more than 300 words in the other language is required for approval. In the case that the researcher is not capable for writing an abstract in Arabic, the journal staffers could write it for him/her.

3.6.   The research should be no more than 15 A4 single page papers including all contents  such as an abstract , diagrams, tables and drawings and references.

3.7.   Papers are submitted in 4 hardcopies, three of them will be sent out for reviewing and feedback and one will remain with the journal. After getting feedback the researcher should resubmit the research modified in accordance  to journal requirements and feedback as a softcopy (CD) and a hardcopy.

  1. All copyrights of the research is transferred to the journal after approval. The researcher should agree to this in writing before publishing. Such copyrights include  printing, publishing, presenting, sending, reprinting, copying, translating and database reuse rights.
  2. The journal is financed through:

5.1.   Annual budget from prime ministry.

5.2.   Financial aid provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations and personals.

5.3.   Subscriptions from universities, schools and departments, organizations and people as well as selling income.

5.4.   Publishing fees received from researchers:

5.4.1.     50,000 Iraqi Dinar from researchers reside inside Iraq.

5.4.2.     € 50 from researchers reside outside Iraq. 


Publishing Requirements:

  1. Original copy of the research should  be submitted on A4 papers (29.7cm * 21cm) and single page should be used for each paper.
  2. The research should be of no more than 15 pages in length including diagrams, drawings and tables…etc.
  3. The research should be in the following sequence “research title, abstract, introduction, research methodology, results, discussion, research outcome/ conclusion, references list. Extra abstract in another language should be submitted along as well.
  4. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words in length. The page before the abstract should include research title, researcher(s) full name(s) and place of work.
  5. Tables, diagrams and drawings should be clear and very good in terms of presentation. They should be printed on glossy or transparent papers of suitable size. Originals should be submitted as well.
  6. Tables, diagrams and drawings should be numbered in the order of their use in the research. They should all be titled and printed or separate pages.
  7. The standard international units (UI units) is the only measurement units accepted.
  8. Abbreviations should not be used except for measurements.
  9. The abbreviations found in “The world list of Scientific Periodicals by Lewis & Co., London” are accepted.
  10. The abbreviations should be used according to the standards.
  11. Unpublished references are not accepted. On-going publishing references are accepted only if they have issue number.
  12. The only acceptable referencing system is Harvard Referencing System according to “CBE style Manual Committee, 1983”.
  13. References should be cited with page number according to their use in the research using two square brackets like “[ ]”.
  14. References should be listed alphabetically according to authors name and year of publishing.
  15. As for referencing researches taken from papers, they should be listed in the references list with issue number, book number, beginning and ending pages numbers.
  16. As for referencing books and dissertations, page number should be specified along with name, author…etc.
  17. The research should be resubmitted after modification and approval as a softcopy on a CD, and a hardcopy printed on A4 papers. The researcher will be informed by the journal in case of approval.
  18. Printing requirements

18.1.    Research title to be  written in the center with 16-size, Bold, Simplified Arabic font if the research was submitted in Arabic. As for papers submitted in English, the title should be in underlined, bold, 16-size, Times New Roman font.

18.2.    Researchers full names , scientific title and address should be written beneath the title using the same font format except for the size which should be 14. 

18.3.    For the body of the research, it should be in the same font format but the size should be 12 and in one column only as a page setting.

18.4.    Subtitles and in-body titles should be written in the same form format but in Bold.

18.5.    Margins should be 2.5cm.

18.6.    Numbering should take the following format

  1. Title 1

1.1.      Second title 1

1.1.1.  Third title 1

1.1.2.  Third title 2

1.2.      Second title 2

  1. Title 2
  2. The research softcopy document file should take researcher name, if multiple files existed, they should be numbered as well.






 Scientific journal issued on quarterly bases from:

Department of Architectural Engineering –University of Technology


Subscription fees including postage:-

Annual subscription “Iraq Organizations”      (60’000) Iraqi dinar (4 issues)

Annual subscription “Iraq Students”           (20’000) Iraqi dinar (4 issues)

Annual subscription “overseas”                    (100) USD (4 issues)

 One Copy for single issue                             (10’000) Iraqi dinar

One Copy (5 or move issues)                         (7’000) Iraqi dinar


For contact and subscription:

Iraqi Journal for Architectural Engineering

Department of Architectural Engineering

University of Technology

Tal Muhammad – Baghdad – Iraq

P.O. BOX        (35010)

Fax     +964  (1)   7180187

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