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Graduation projects for the academic year 2016-2017

 Project of Karbala Holly City corporation Investment  with corporate  offices Hiba Hakim Madfoon Fifth Stage Professors
 E-waste Recycling  Mustafa Tawfeek Younis Fifth Stage Professors
 Cardio  Surgery Hospital Ban Saad Addai Fifth Stage Professors
 Industrial Development  Car Center Sai SalahAldin Jawad Fifth Stage Professors
 Independent High Electoral Commission building Thuraa Mahdi Hamdi Fifth Stage Professors
Middle Euphrates Metro station Hala Maytham Ali   Fifth Stage Professors
 Tourism and Hotels Academy Maryam Muhammed Musasa Abbas Fifth Stage Professors
 Karbala satellite channel design project Ahmed Kadhin Sajit Fifth Stage Professors
 Development of sports capabilities and physical rehabilitation Center Sarah Majid Nimaa Fifth Stage Professors
 Iraqi Press Agency Fatima Jumaa Luaibi Fifth Stage Professors
 Baghdad Center for Digital Technology Lana Jabar Shamaa  Fifth Stage Professors
 A tourism  village in Najaf Sea area Aws Khaldon AbdulAziz  Fifth Stage Professors
Collage  of Fine Arts at Al-Mustansiriya University Shiqaf Ibrahim AbdulAziz Ramadhan     Fifth Stage Professors
Plant and Herbal Medicine Research Center  ManarTahsin Tahaa Yasin Fifth Stage Professors
Urban development of the Dakir region Ali Abdul Hussein Fadhil  Fifth Stage Professors
 A tourism  village in Najaf Sea area  Usama Laith Ibrahim   Fifth Stage Professors
 Baghdad Commercial Tower  Zenaa Jamal Anjad Fifth Stage Professors
 Cultural Palace in Dyala Ayat Qais Muhammed Fifth Stage Professors
Specialized Children Hospital Yousra Adil Abdullah  Fifth Stage Professors
International Jumping  Center Nawras Maki Salman Fifth Stage Professors
Center for Holly Quran Science in Baghdad Ibtisam Abdulnabi Muhammed Fifth Stage Professors
Environmental Research Center Midea Adil Khalaf Fifth Stage Professors
Iraqi Red Crescent Society Farah Thair Abdulrahman Fifth Stage Professors
Child Development Center Aseel qusai AbedAli Fifth Stage Professors
Kidzania Amina Khalil Ibrahim Hasan  Fifth Stage Professors
 Iraqi Academy of Military Aviation Muhammed Rashad Abdul Razaq Fifth Stage Professors
 Palace of Culture in Diyala Nuraa Gadir Hulail Hasan Fifth Stage Professors
 Designing  of Pharmacy collage  at Wasit University Adil Hasan Shani Fifth Stage Professors
The Iraqi Center for Manuscripts and Historical Studies Sarah Abdul-Kareem Fifth Stage Professors
 Sports Complex for People with Special Needs Muhammed Basim Hamza Said Fifth Stage Professors
Green Building Business Center Muhammed Talib Qasab Jindeel Fifth Stage Professors
Alternative Medicine Treatment Center Hadeer Farhan Abdul Ameer Muhameed Fifth Stage Professors
Residential complex for employees of the Iraqi Media Network  Nabaa Sadiq Abdul Mutalib Aziz Fifth Stage Professors
Residential complex for Doctors & Medical Specialists Zeina Waleed AbdulQani Ahmed Fifth Stage Professors
Oasis of residence, hospitality and management within the project of the oases of Babylon Rusul Qasim Salman Muhibas Fifth Stage Professors
Olympic School of Martial Arts Abed Almuhaimen Faraj Fifth Stage Professors
Building of forensic medicine in Baghdad Ulaa Faris haider Abdul Hadi Fifth Stage Professors





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