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Admission requirements and registration for postgraduate


Announcement: Application and admission regulations for postgraduate studies - Department of Architectural Engineering  (very important )


  • Two original files and one colored file
  • A certificate document or endures paper for the purpose of applying for postgraduate studies, addressed to the department where the average of the graduate and the average of the first graduate student on the stage is determined for the applicant for the master's degree
  • The four Identity documents
  • Application forms, Form No. (500), student worksheet, Form No. (501), Written Commitment Form No. (504), and Interview Form, No. (506)
  • Two photos shall be attached to the application file in addition to the photos already attached to the above forms.
  • A form for (families of martyrs or prisoners) shall be attached inaddition to the above forms in case the student applies to thesechannels. The documents should be approved by the institution.
  • If the student is working in a civil or a governmental institution.
  • He/she is to submit a certified documents implied non abstention from his department with a summary of statement of services),after higher studies  acceptance results announced, the study leave should be submitted within (40 days) from the date of the university administrative instruction for acceptance and part time for PhD students.
  • Electronic application form
  • Computer Proficiency Certificate and English Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Security clearance commitment form



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