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Phd thesis in the department 





By Supervised CD Year
Un. Technology The Role of Algrothim Philosophy in The Formation of Architectural Thought

mohammed Ghazi Abass

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim

CD 2022
Un. Technology

Hidden Rhythm In loose spaces study in the act of appropriation 

Nada Azzam Mahmood

 Prof Dr. Asmaa M. H. Al-Moqaram

CD 2021
Un. Technology

Engagement in Architectural Education

Mayyadah Lutfi Abdulwahhab

Prof. Dr. Bassim Hassan Al-Majidi

CD 2020
Un. Technology

The Community Resilience in
Residential Neighbourhoods

Ban Jalil Tahir AL-Kinany

Prof. Dr. Sana' Sati' Abbas Al. Haidari

CD 2020
Un. Technology

Contemporary Features in Local
Generates effective styles and architectural styles in future
Iraqi architecture

Sura Kassim Ameen

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Musa Hussein

CD 2020
Un. Technology

Ornamentation In Architecture Façades Expression In Contemporary Digital Architecture

Enas Salim Abdulahhad Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Saadon Salman CD 2018
Un. Technology

 The role of green architecture in formulating the desing standards for single residential buildings in baghdad 

Nada Subhi Abdul-Majeed Dr. Miqdad Haider Al – Jawadi CD 2018
Un. Technology

Smart Affordable Housing in Sustainiable Iraqi Housing Policy

RANA MAZIN MAHDI AL-DIFAEI Prof. Dr. Sana' Sati' Abbas Al. Haidari CD 2018
Un. Technology

Urban Joints in the City

Ahmed Abdulkaream Mohammed Asst.Prof.Dr. Wahda Al-Hinkawi CD 2017
Un. Technology


Quality requirements of architectural learning outcomes: the case study of the Department of Architectural Engineering - University of Technology


Ahmed Talib Hameed Haddad  

 Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhim       Assist. Prof. Dr. Falah Khalaf Ali


CD 2017
Un. Technology   The presence of the city   Shaymaa Fadhel Jassim Al-Kubaissy   Dr. Sanaa Sati Abass  CD  2017
Un. Technology Adaptation of Urban Infrastructure
 Open Spaces - A model
Nada Abdulmueen Hasan Asst.Prof.Dr. Wahda Al-Hinkawi Prof.Dr. Kareem Hasan Alwan CD 2017
Un. Technology Knowledge Society Architecture Dialectic of architect and society
Bilal Samir Ali Professor.Dr.Ibrahim Jawad Kadhm  CD 2017
Un. Technology Typology As a Strategy to Achieve Collective Identity in
 Contemporary Architecture
Laheeb Ali Abdulhussain Al-Sayigh Assis Prof Dr. Asmaa M. H. Al-Moqaram  CD 2017
Un. Technology Dynamism of Style of Contemporary
 Mosques Architecture

Zainab Hussein Ra’ouf Alobaidi Asst. Prof. Dr. Assmaa Muhammed Al Muqram CD 2016
 Un. Technology   The Essence Movement of the City   Basma Usama Mohammad Ali   Dr. Abass Ali Hamza
 Dr. Ali Moosa Hussain
 CD  2016
Un. Technology



Un. Technology Quality in curricula of Architectural wisam william saleem Dr. Miqdad Haider Al – Jawadi CD 2014
UN. Technology  Urban growth dynamic Kameelah Ahmed Abdul Sattar Dr.Sana Sati Abbas CD 2013
UN. Baghdad The selective dialogue with the other and its impact on the other and its impact on the strategies of urban renewal for contemporary Iraqi cities Nadeen Nidhal Ameen Abd Yashoaa Dr. Ghada Musa Razouqi CD 2013
UN. Technology  The methodology in architectural Academic Research  Nawfal Joseph Rizco Dr. Suha H.Abdulla CD 2013
UN. Baghdad The balance between the elements of the cultural structure of the social system and its influence in urban city Zainab Khalid Ahmed Dr. Areage Karim Maieed CD 2013
UN. Baghdad The impact of nanotechnology in the potentiality of future architecture Wijdan Dheyaa Abdul Jaleel Dr. Saba Jabbar

Dr. Adawia Jumaa

CD 2013
UN. Baghdad The strategies of urban renewal in historical centers Sahar Hilal Abdulrida Al – Dujaili Dr. Saba Jabbar Neamah Al – Khafaji CD 2012
UN. Baghdad Urban conservation as means of communication through from & moral values Sahar Basil Mahmood Al – Qaisi Dr. Saba J. Neamah CD 2011
UN. Baghdad Urban prediction – towards a new generation to redevelop the Arabic – Islamic city Mohammed Qasim Abdul Ghafoor     2011
Un. Technology Multi sensory responsive architecture Shamael Mohamed Wajeeh Dr. Sana Sati Abbas CD 2010
UN. Technology  The effect of planning regulations on the formation of urban residential settlements Niran M.Abdul Wahhab Dr. Sana Sati Abbas CD 2009
Un. Technology Fractal in Architecture Asmaa M.Hussain Al- Mukaram Dr. Akram J.Mohammed Al – Akkam CD 2008
Un. Technology The role of adaptation in tha evolution of mosques architecture  Ahmed Abdul Wahid Dr. Miqdad Haidar Al- Jawadi CD 2008
Un. Technology Visual integration of architecture and plant in landscape  Ahmed Yousif alomary Dr. Miqdad Haidar Al – Jawadi CD 2008
UN. Technology  Other in architecture Ali M.Jaffar Dr. Akram J. Mohammed CD 2008
Un. Technology The transformation of architectural identity in the urban environment Siba T. Al- Badrani Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al – Ali CD 2008
Un. Technology The integrity of designing audio – visual environment for auditriom  space Suzan Abd Hassan Dr. Miqdad H. Al – Jawadi CD 2008
Un. Technology Stress – Strain ralationships of reactive powder concrete Suad Khalil Ibrahim   CD 2008
UN. Baghdad Revival Tourism and Architecture Saad Mahmoud Khodair Dr. Saba Jabbar Al – Khafagi CD 2008
Un. Technology Creative Addition in Contemporary Architecture Anwar Subhi Ramdan Dr. Sana Sati Abbas
Un. Technology The role of fourth dimension in achieving sensory pleasure for the receiver in landscape architecture Rawaa Fawzi Naaom Dr. Sana Sati Abbas CD 2008
UN. Technology  The logical structure of architectural design process Nahith Taha Al Kumakchy Dr. Uriya Nouri Saeed CD 2008
Un. Technology Text Authority in Architectural Academic criticism Suha Hassan Abdullah Dr. Sana Sati Abbas CD 2007
UN. Technology  The effect of creativity development program on architectural students Mustafa Kamil Kadhim Dr.Sahar Kharrufa

Dr.Al Harith A.Hassan

CD 2007
UN. Technology  The difference in architectural typology Hala A. Saeed Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Ali CD 2006
UN. Baghdad Environmental sustainability of dwelling groupings in Iraq Maha Sabah Salman Dr.Bahjat Rashad Shahin CD 2006
UN. Technology  Originality in contemporary architecture Mahdi Saleh Al – Faraj Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Ali

Dr.Mazin Ismaeel Eshak

CD 2006
Un. Technology Enrichment of meaning in architecture Asma Hasan Al – Dabbagh Dr. Sana Sati Abbas CD 2005
UN. Technology  Taming the form and the authority of meaning  Mohamed Ali Ali Masoud Dr.Khalil I.Al Arab CD 2005
UN. Baghdad The essence of the relation between plastic arts and contemporary architecture in Iraq Sabah Faker Al-deen Dr.Saad Ali Yousif

Dr. Ghada Musas Razzouqi

CD 2005
UN. Technology  The effect of the thought trends on the urban structure Wahda Shukur Mahmoud Dr.Sana Sati Abbas   2004
UN. Technology  The integrity of natural environmental elements in architectural design for houses Younis Mahmoud Mohammed Dr. Miqdad H. Al Jawadi   2003
UN. Baghdad The architectural practice in Iraq and construction management  Saffa Alddin Husain Dr. Bahgat Rashad Shaheen   2003
UN. Baghdad Eternity in architecture Asma N.Taher Dr. Saher M.Al – Kaissi   2002
UN. Baghdad Time " Azzaman" from Islamic concept for a future architecture  Arshad Abdul Jabbar Dr. Saher M.Al – Kaissi

Dr. Subhi S.M.Al- Rawi

Dr. Muhammad B. Al – Faidhi

UN. Baghdad Transformations of architectural form Mohammed Walid Yousif Dr.Muammel Aladdin

Dr. Salim Hassen

UN. Baghdad The architectural concepts figuration in civilization discourse through the theory of value Abdul Hussien A.Ali Dr. Bahjet Rashad

Dr. Adel Saleh Zeky

UN. Technology  Conventions in architecture Mahmood A. Khayat Dr.Khalil I.Ali   2001
Un. Technology Complexity in post – modern architecture Ibrahim jawad K. Al – yousif Dr. Khalel Ibrahim Ali   1998
UN. Baghdad Philosophy of science : From Rationality to irrationality Karim Mousa Hussain Dr.Husam Muhyiddin    
Un. Technology Visual privacy in architecture Adib Nuri Ahmed Dr. Miqdad Haider Al – Jawadi   1998
UN. Baghdad Utilization of light wave guides in designing lighting unit  Shatha Faraj Abbo Dr. Azzam Abdul salam

Dr. Shatha Mohammed

UN. Baghdad Concept of adjustment between spatial organization and social organization Wadhah Abdul Sahib Dr. Bahjat Rashad 

Dr. Adnnan Abdul Rahman

Un. Technology The place as an order Rafid Abdul Latif Dr. Khalil Al –Ali   1997
Un. Technology Belonging to space in residential settlements Sana Sati Abbas Dr. Muammel Ala Al – Dinn

Dr. Saher Al – Kaissi

UN. Technology 


Imitation of tradition in post – modern architecture :theory and application Maha Abdul Hamid Dr.Muammal Ala-Aldeen

Dr. Imad Ghazwan






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