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The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology held a workshop titled  “The  Role Of Engineering Services Designs  In The Integration Of Building Designs And Their Functional Requirements”

The workshop included several lectures:


The First Lecture Titled: “The  Role Of Constructional  Designs in the Integration of Functional Building Designs”

Delivered by Dr. Eyad Kadhim Saihud


The second lecture: The Role of Electrical Designs In The Integration Of Functional Buildings Designs  Delivered by Dr. Rashid Hamid Al-Rubaie


The third lecture: The Role Of Mechanical Designs In The Integration Of The Of Functional Buildings Designs delivered by Dr. Hassanein Mohammed Hussein


The Fourth Lecture: The Role of Architectural Details in the Integration of Engineering Designs delivered by Dr. Saffa Aldin Husein.
























The Department of Architecture at the University of Technology in cooperation with Al-Rafidain University College ,held a scientific lecture titled” Culture of Building With Thermostone  “.The lecture delivered by Dr.Miqdad Haidar Al-Jawadi, the head of civil engineering at the University of Rafidain University College  .

The  main aspect of the lecture is :

- Efficiency of energy conservation and heat exchange

- Water absorption efficiency

- Compression efficiency

- Perpetuity  and  duration of building

- Comparison between bricks and thermostone

The scientific lecture was attended by a number of the second stage students, the head of the department and the scientific and administrative assistants

In the conclusion, the head of the department presented a letter of thankfulness  and appreciation to Professor Miqdad Al-Jawadi for his valuable efforts within  this field.



















Coincidentally with the occasion of the annual celebrations of the University of technology establishment and the granting the higher ranks at the national classification of the quality of the of Iraqi universities in the institutional performance at the level of engineering and science departments relative to the Iraqi universities, in addition to the granting the Department of Architecture The first rank on the specialty of architecture departments at the level of all universities, the head of the university offers the faculty staff and employees of the department of architecture acknowledgments and appreciation wishing all the success to serve our beloved Iraq and the university.


















The Student (Sarah Abdul Ali Rasheed )  at the Department of Architecture has been granted M.Sc. degree on her thesis titled  (Bridging the dialogue in the city). The discussion committee  was headed by

Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kadhem  and  included each of ( as members ):

 -Dr. Mofeed Ehsan Shouk ,

- Dr. Amir Shaker Al-Kinani

The thesis supervised by Prof. Dr. Khansaa Ghazi Rasheed

  Below is the link to the brochure: 

(Bridging the dialogue in the city)

















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